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Kinki Amibari (KA) Circular Needles 3.25mm or US3 & 80cms or 32

Kinki Amibari (KA) Circular Needles 3.25mm or US3 & 80cms or 32" long


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These lovely fine-tipped needles are made by the oldest manufacturer of bamboo needles in Japan and are made from selected bamboo and only the two best and aged kinds of bamboo, out of a choice of 500 types, are chosen.
The needles are light and warm to use and will become even smoother with use.  The swivel connectors used for the circulars allow the cables to turn independently and thus avoids the flexible nylon cord cables twisting and the transitions point (an important factor for knitters) between cable and bamboo is extremely smooth. Nylon cord cables can be straightened if necessary by immersing in warm water or warming with a hair dryer, but I find these cables straighten very quickly with
use. They are not like the cheaper 'curly' brands. They are simply a delight to use and will enhance any knitting experience.

RRP £5.98